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United Cultures Awards Rome Italy

2024 the third network event: The United Cultures Awards. Will be organized in Rome. Location: all media locations in Rome.

The United Cultures A wards aims to bring people, cultures, and nations together. It will be a yearly event in which awards will be given in eleven categories.

The categories are:

- News items (3-10 min.)
- Talk/discussion programs (15-30 min.)
- Game/show programs (30-60 min.)
- TV series (per episode 30-60 min.)
- Cinema movies (30 – 120 min.)
- Animations (20-30 min.)
- Short animations (3-15 min.)
- Documentaries (15-90 min.)
- Music clips (3-15 min.)
- Music videos (3-15 min.)
– New developments Media

Each media maker will deliver their media productions. The pre-selection will be made by a professional jury. The best contributions of each category will be shown to public on television and will be heard on the radio. The awards will start in 2024 with various rounds. There will be four qualification rounds with different categories in each round, followed by a quarter final, semi-final and the United Cultures Awards final.

Event date and Location




October 2024
Rome Italy


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