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United Cultures is convinced that several conditions are essential to achieve intercultural relations, peace and harmony. These conditions are based on sociopolitical and religious circumstances that underlie contemporary trends in culture and society.

United Cultures will become the change agent by taking away the negative images and to create new positive perspectives between cultures. The United Cultures is committed to disseminating, sharing, developing and supporting various projects in order to highlight the role of a change agent.


Our mission is to share experiences and find harmony between different cultures. We want to bridge distances, acknowledge agreements and encourage dialogues. Promoting background of the cultures in: health, culture, religion, education, science, economy and politics. United Cultures has the purpose to support international peace, to develop mutual understanding between cultures and to be a center for harmony in people’s actions.

United Cultures strives to make cultures more accessible and to represent them through art and socioeconomic, educational and sustainable projects. United Cultures selects different cultural and economic projects to arouse mutual interest in lifestyles and social environments. In short, the mission involves sharing experiences, lowering barriers between cultures, bridging distances, recognizing cultural similarities and stimulating dialogues.


The Purpose

The purpose of United Cultures is to encourage understanding, respect and equality between cultures/cultural groups in its member states. United Cultures will achieve this by forming a Intergovernmental Body that represents all cultures in the world which promotes: mutual relationships, understanding, respect between cultures/ culture groups in member states.

United Cultures highlights richness and diversity of different cultures. It achieves this in a positive way by bringing cultures together. United Cultures contributes and promotes both economic and cost-effective development in member states and regions concerned. The United Cultures strives to settle disputes between cultures in member states by initiating projects that are related to themes such as: culture, health, religion, education, science, economy and politics.

These thematic projects will have an effect on society. Our world is becoming a ‘Global Village’. Thereby it becomes very important for each member state and its inhabitants to bring all cultures and societies together in an attempt to create a new global cultural Union. That is the challenge for all member states, cultures and people worldwide.


Our goal is to set up a worldwide infrastructure of various organizations, companies, institutions, foundations and associations to become a Intergovernmental Bodyt. United Cultures will achieve its objects by focusing on:
1) Representing the interests of all world cultures and promoting international peace.
2) The establishment of a discussion platform for governmental institutions, universities, companies, various organizations and representatives of different cultures, to prevent cultural misunderstandings.
3) Forming a support platform for new art and cultural initiatives of the international community.



Organizing international networking events in the field of fashion, media, culture and culture festivals for countries, official bodies and members of the cultural and creative industries, in collaboration with official bodies, governments, organizations, culture institutions, companies and artists. - To represent the interests of all world cultures and to promote international peace. - The establishment of a discussion platform for government institutions, universities, companies, other organisations and representatives of all cultures, to prevent cultural misunderstandings. - Forming a support platform for new art and cultural initiatives of the international community. - Promoting understanding and respect between cultures and culture groups in the European Union and building bridges between subcultures and cultures on the one hand, and countries on the other. - Setting up 269 United Cultures Foundation branches.



In 2030, the first United Cultures City will be built in Dakhla Morocco . For the next United Cultures cities that will be built that will be in 2035, 2040 and 2045. The head quarters of United Cultures will be located every 5 years in the United Cultures cities. In the United Cultures City Ministers of Culture will come together. They will be the United Cultures World Council. All the Ministers of Culture will represent their country or region and give attention to cultural issues in their country or region and discus with United Cultures World Council solutions. Cultural institutions and NGOs will form the World Council advisory council. This process has already started with the United Arab Emirates, France, Nigeria, and organization like UNESCO. United Arab Emirates is interested to build the United Cultures city. Before building the United Cultures City, we first want to develop a pilot blueprint for Paris on a smaller scale, “United Cultures Center”. United Cultures Center will be first developed in Paris with a blueprint for Amsterdam, Rabat, Geneva, Rome, Madid, Berlin and Abu Dhabi. The strategy will consist the United Cultures Centers represent all subcultures the country of region. United Cultures Villages will manage all United Cultures centre’s in continents and United Cultures City will manage all villages and centre’s around the world. The vision is to develop United Cultures Centres, villages, and cities in the next event United Cultures World Economic Platform in Berlin for 269 countries and territories.

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