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Paris France 2024 Press Conference

2024 Press Conference
Official opening Paris France head office productions
Presentation of the 7 disciplines of the United Cultures government worldwide organization in Geneva. Hiring 22.000+ personal staff the next five years to run the organization.
Presentation of the 7 PILLARS.
Presentation of the group, work companies, investments, productions, media, events, economical projects and products.
Presentation of the 269 United Cultures Centers, 1 Global Head Quarter, 8 Head Office Continents and 260 head branches in member states or regions.
Presentation of the representatives of each culture and member states including their projects.
Presentation of the construction of new cities every five years.
Presentation of the first United Cultures Health Resorts Sarajevo (Bosnia Herzegovina).
Presentation of cultural products.
Presentation of the Events: the United Cultures trade show, the United Cultures world economic platform, the United Cultures awards in the cities, the member states and the world events.
Representing the 92 nations joining in 2026.
Presentation of the 644 designers for 3 months during United Cultures Trade Show Marrakech.
Presentation of the products from the designers.
Presentation of factories developed in different.
Presentation of artistic installations

Madrid Spain 2024 Exhibition

2024 Exhibition
Official opening Madrid Spain head office Public Relations
Ministry of culture of Spain
17 mayors from 17 cities in Spain
12 event organizations of Spain
Designers in every field from Spain
Madrid (Spain) with at least 269 nations organized by Member states.
Representing of 92 nations joining in 2025 in Marrakech.
Presentation of 269 economical projects for the next five years.
Presenting countries and areas where we will build factories or set up economical projects.
Presentation of 644 designers and their products for 1 week during United Cultures Trade Show Marrakech.
Presentation of the construction of new cities every five years.

Rome Italy Awards 2025

2023 the third network event: The United Cultures Awards. Will be organized in Rome. Location: all media locations in Rome.
The United Cultures A wards aims to bring people, cultures, and nations together. It will be a yearly event in which awards will be given in eleven categories.
The categories are:
News items (3-10 min.)
Talk/discussion programs (15-30 min.)
Game/show programs (30-60 min.)
TV series (per episode 30-60 min.)
Cinema movies (30 – 120 min.)
Animations (20-30 min.)
Short animations (3-15 min.)

Marrakech Morocco UC Tradeshow 2025

The first network event of the United Cultures Foundation.
Duration: 3 months
Location: Marrakesh City in Morocco with Countries: 92 nations.
Invited designers: 1288 plus
Launching the 92 nations of the United Cultures in Marrakech 2025.
Presentation 644 Designers for 3 months United Cultures Trade Show Marrakech. Making protocols for the products of the 644 designers and 644 United Cultures (for the Hope Couture and Prêt a Porter lines) Launching factories to develop in different areas, regions, and member states. Presentation of the United Cultures Stores.
The plan 2025-2030 of the United Cultures


Berlin Germany UC World Economic Platform 2025

The second network event of United Cultures Foundation: The United Cultures World Economic platform. Will be organized in Berlin (Germany). Locations: Seven big cities in Germany.
To reach its goals the United Cultures Foundation develops a platform in which all cultures, member states and territories are united with each other. We call it the United Cultures World Economic Platform.
Every five years United Cultures™ World Economic Platform will be organized. This will be accomplished between 2025 and 2030. It will be a world economic, educative, and cultural event to boost the economy of the United Cultures member states and to create jobs by developing worldwide projects.


Geneva Switzerland 2026

Launch of the United Cultures Governing Body

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