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How many culturs are there in the world?

World, 7 continents, 235 countries, 72 Regions territories and 1000 plus cultures, sub cultures and tribes. There are countless cultures and subcultures in the world: each rich in its own way, with its language and religion, literature, art and music, poetry and philosophy. In 1952, Anthropologists Alfred Kroeber identified over 169 definitions of cultures at that point in time. Now we are 2020 we need to know how many cultures and subcultures are in the world.

Think of how many cultures are there, variations there are on language, beliefs, rituals, norms and values, and other cultural elements. Think of how many small populations practice some variation on those collections. Worse yet, the lines separating one cultures from another, might belong to a broader cultural base. There are also a lot of shared cultural elements with world, as a whole, and yet also a lot of differences. Hopefully its becoming apparent as to why classifying how many cultures there are in the world is a complicated thing to do, and why a lot of classifications would put the count at such a large number.



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