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Human health, a key issue in our society. Health is not merely the absence of disease but a state of soul, spiritual-mental and physical well-being. Primarily, Health is the harmony with himself, in his own individual way, in their own holistic constellation. A positive self-esteem, an intact emotional guidance system that each individual shows his own leadership. Health is a state of objective and subjective condition of a person who has been given, if that person is in the physical, psychological and social aspects of their development in accordance with the suitable options and objectives and the given external conditions of life.

It is very important that the definition of health characterizes not only the absence of disease or infirmity, this would not meet the complexity of the phenomenon- to be described. Because in this case the problem of definition would be reduced solely to the determination of disease and the concept of health would be the definition term to the phenomenon of the diseases.

The question is increasingly prevalent, such as health arises, in a time when a lot about man-made damage is discussed. It's about figuring out, how the individual can gain the strength to come into harmony with himself and his living conditions, the environment and situation of his time.

It is of fundamental importance to understand the individual as a whole, - as soul-spiritual, mental and physical beings. The understanding of the structure of man, as well as the impact of harmful exterior and interior factors, is the extent of each individual is of crucial importance, since it gives us insight and enlightenment with regard to the current social-economic, and economic situation.

The basic knowledge of the constellation of human being, the holistic view of today's social and Economic conditions is the foundation of the United Cultures Rehabilitation-Clinics, an extraordinarily unique holistic conception.

On the one hand, the clinic has the focus on pathogenesis, that means, the investigation of the formation and evolution of the diseases with all the involved factors, as well as the salutogenesis, - the formation and maintenance of health, and the understanding that health is not a state but a process.

Individual Preventive, Regulatory and Integrative Medicine aspects are key points of the United Cultures rehabilitation clinics. The interest is on all-encompassing, holistic medical and social-economic patient care. On the one hand is the interest, the best, custom Ensuring medical care in compliance with holistic approaches and on the other hand, the socio-economic integration of the hospital residents.

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