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By the year 2020, a great shift will have occurred in the worldwide balance of economic power. Analysts predict emerging market economies will become some of the most important economic forces, and China will take the top spot in the list of the world’s largest economies by gross domestic product (GDP), both outright and measured in terms of purchasing power parity.

The Current Top Economies of the World. As of 2015, some of the largest economies in the world include the United States, China, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, India, Brazil, Italy and Russia. Most of the economies in this top 10 list are developed countries in the western world, while China, India, Russia and Brazil are emerging market economies.

The Top Economies of 2020. The rising importance of emerging market economies in 2020 will have broad implications for the world’s allocation of consumption, investments and environmental resources. Vast consumer markets in the primary emerging market economies will provide domestic and international businesses with many opportunities. Although income per capita will remain the highest in the world's developed economies, the growth rate in per capita income will be much higher in major emerging market nations such as China and India.

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