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The Purpose

The purpose of United Cultures is to encourage understanding, respect, and equality between cultures/cultural groups in its member states. United Cultures will achieve this by forming a cultural government that represents all cultures in the world which promote mutual relationships, understanding, and respect between cultures/culture groups in member states. United Cultures highlights richness and diversity of different cultures. It achieves this in a positive way by bringing cultures together. United Cultures contributes and promotes both economic and cost-effective development in member states and regions concerned. The United Cultures strives to settle disputes between cultures in member states by initiating projects that are related to themes such as culture, health, religion, education, science, economy, and politics. These thematic projects will have an effect on society. Our world is becoming a ‘Global Village’. Thereby it becomes very important for each member state and its inhabitants to bring all cultures and societies together in an attempt to create a new global cultural Union. That is the challenge for all member states, cultures and people worldwide.

« Our objective is to create another way of thinking » United Cultures Foundation

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