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Our goal is to set up a worldwide infrastructure of various organizations, companies, institutions, foundations and associations to become a cultural government.

United Cultures will achieve its objects by focusing on:

  • Representing the interests of all world cultures and promoting international peace.
  • The establishment of a discussion platform for governmental institutions, universities, companies, various organizations and representatives of different cultures, to prevent cultural misunderstandings.
  • Forming a support platform for new art and cultural initiatives of the international community.
  • Promoting understanding and respect between cultures and culture groups in the world building bridges between subcultures and cultures as well as member states.
  • Stimulating exchanges and connections between cultures/cultural groups throughout the world and its candidate members.
  • Encouraging ambassadors who represent their culture or country with sustainable products in the areas of media, culture, fashion, beauty, economy, education, science, politics and technology.
  • Developing cultural, economic and educational projects to foster friendship and relations between different cultures.

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